Using Social Media to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Using Social Media to Increase Your Conversion Rate

According to a social media research company named Statista, there will be approximately 3.1 billion people using social media by the year 2021. Obviously, this means that there is a literal wealth of individuals online who can easily be reached by any brand having the knowledge of how to reach out to a specific segment of that huge online population. Some of that knowledge should help you to increase the number of individuals who convert into paying customers after hearing your message, and that’s where social media can really work to your advantage.

More than 92% of all marketers surveyed declare that social media is one of the most important channels in their overall marketing and advertising strategy. Given that fact, it just makes sense to get the most out of social media, so that you can increase your conversion rate to levels you’ve never achieved before, and this discussion will offer some pointers on how to go about that.

Instill trust by using social proof

Using Social Media to Increase Your Conversion RateIt’s a known fact that virtually all online shoppers will make their purchases from brands which they are familiar with and which they trust. If they don’t trust a particular brand, they won’t bother reading any of the social media content offered by that brand, and that will definitely impact your conversion rate. You do have some alternatives though.

First of all, you need to show users that your brand is one which they can have confidence in, and one of the ways to do that is by making use of social proofs. Most consumers will consult online product reviews before making any kind of purchase, and that makes reviews one of the very best social proofs. People have a tendency to believe the accounts written by others who have gone through similar experiences, and who have already purchased a given product and tried it out.

It’s only natural that a consumer would have much more trust in a product which consistently receives five-star reviews, than one which has only garnered a number of three-star reviews. Another way of building social proof via social media is by showing the public that you have an impeccable reputation. You can do this by displaying company reviews on the social media, and by encouraging your faithful users to write favorable reviews about your products and services.

One of the better ways of getting instant traction with your users is to build credibility by engaging the services of known influencers whom your audience already trusts. Influencer marketing has been an extremely effective strategy for gaining trust among intended audiences, because audiences already have some level of trust in the influencer whom you’re working with.

If you feel that it’s too expensive to be involved with influencer marketing, you should consider working with micro influencers, who are individuals with lesser audiences, but who have very considerable impact on their decision-making. By engaging the services of several micro influencers, you can actually have a more significant impact on your user following than if you hired one very expensive social media influencer.

Producing and distributing compelling content

Using Social Media to Increase Your Conversion RateIt’s generally acknowledged that great content is the backbone of all social media conversions, so if you’re not producing and distributing compelling content, it’s very likely that your conversion rate will be disappointing. To reverse the situation, all you really need to do is consistently produce content that provides a solution to problems or issues which your target audience has, or content which is in some way useful in their daily lives.

Users are always looking for solutions, and to the extent which you can provide those solutions, the better it will be for your conversion rate. A great many people have the belief that in order for content to be really useful, it has to be a long, detailed piece. However, in the world of social media, the opposite is closer to the truth, and the more straightforward and succinct your content is, the better it will be received by your intended audience.

Using Social Media to Increase Your Conversion Rate

There’s no doubt that for the vast majority of users online, their attention span is fairly short and they’re looking for solutions which are quick and easy, so they can be rapidly implemented. When you’re creating content for social media, your approach should be to provide information which solves a problem for your audience or which relieves some of their pain points. If you can simplify questions and concepts which may be fairly complex, you will be able to help your audience overcome some kind of hurdle, or to achieve a goal they might have.

Use the benefits of each platform

All social media platforms are somewhat different from each other, and if you understand these differences, you can use them to your advantage in reaching your target audience. For one thing, you need to have a good understanding of the kind of users which make use of each of the platforms, because the people you’re trying to reach may not have a strong presence on a platform you’re using.

Use interesting headlines

You might be surprised at the kind of impact a good headline can have on an audience. The main reason for this is that before a person actually bothers to read any content you have posted, the first thing they’ll see is the headline. If that headline doesn’t sound interesting, they will simply skip over the content and all your good effort at developing interesting content will have been wasted.

It would be well worth your while to practice and to experiment at writing powerful headlines, because you need to attract users very quickly, and the headline is the best way to do that. If you can couple a compelling headline with really useful and relevant content, you will have gone a long way toward increasing your conversion rate. Once you’ve mastered the art of creating really exciting headlines, and producing compelling content which your audience finds useful, you are almost guaranteed to enjoy an increase in your conversion rate.