Should You Be Using Facebook’s New Lead Generation Feature?

Should You Be Using Facebook's New Lead Generation Feature?

Back in May of this year, Facebook first announced an automated feature for lead generation, to be used in conjunction with Messenger, and which would be made available to all advertisers. This new feature has now been rolled out all around the globe, and can be theoretically taken advantage of by all businesses hoping to benefit by it. What the new feature will do is to create an automated experience for questions and answers within Messenger.

It gets launched via the click-to-Messenger ads which appear in the normal Facebook news feed. The way it will work is that a user has to click on the Send Message button in any click-to-Messenger ad which appears in their usual Facebook news feed. That then launches an automated chat session within Messenger between the customer and the brand. Creative advertisers will be able to integrate this lead generation tool with any good CRM platform.

Should You Be Using Facebook's New Lead Generation Feature?You will also have the ability to carry on and extend conversations with customers by making use of your company Facebook Page Inbox. You can also extend conversations by using the Pages Manager app, or by making use of a third-party live chat feature. This can be a terrific way of simplifying customer acquisition, since it provides a simple and direct conversational environment where people can take action in a session where they already spend much of their time.

The question-and-answer session triggered by the lead generation tool is entirely automated, and establishes a conversation between a person and a business. The series of questions which are asked can be responded to by users either in a free-form text mode or by using pre-filled text. Once the session has been concluded, a business would have the opportunity to integrate the user’s responses with its CRM system, and if appropriate, continue the conversation via one of the three methods previously referenced. When individuals fail to complete their responses to all questions which are asked, the automatic reminder feature would be invoked, and the user would be prompted to complete their responses.

Benefits of this new feature

An online chat solution provider named Drift recently conducted a survey among consumers in conjunction with SurveyMonkey. The results of the survey indicated that 42% of those individuals expected some kind of response within five seconds of sending a message. This response could come from a chatbot or from a live individual, but in either case, consumers felt that it was reasonable to expect a five-second response window.

Should You Be Using Facebook's New Lead Generation Feature?Facebook’s reaction to this is to help brands respond more quickly to customer inquiries with its new feature. Integrating an automated lead generation process with a CRM platform into all click-to-Messenger ads should provide the kind of rapid response expected by consumers. This in turn, would cause consumers to look more favorably on a brand, to increase brand loyalty, and to theoretically increase spending with that same brand.

Some businesses have already had early access to this new lead generation tool within Messenger, and have reported a significant growth in the number of their qualified leads. One company which used the tool to target Armed Forces members for its financial services, saw a 42% increase in lead generation. It also experienced an 18% higher resolution rate on its leads, as compared to telephone conversations. The lead response time which prevailed throughout this company’s testing period was well under 10 minutes for the entire time.

As a result, the company is now strongly considering adding Facebook Messenger to their overall mix of channels responsible for lead acquisition. They’re also planning to use Facebook Messenger as a prime channel for communication throughout the entire customer journey and purchase cycle. Granted, this is a single case of success enjoyed by one business which had early access to the lead generation tool, but if other businesses have a similar experience, it’s safe to say that this new lead generation tool will be well received indeed.

Additional tidbits about the tool

Should You Be Using Facebook's New Lead Generation Feature?

Some other interesting elements of the Facebook Messenger lead generation tool might be of particular interest to many companies. The tool includes a feature which automatically issues reminders to any recent leads who have not yet responded to questions asked of them in the Q&A session. For any company dealing with a large number of leads, this can be extremely valuable, because it represents a way of maintaining contact with leads who are at least initially indifferent.

Normally, it would be very easy to lose contact with such leads, simply because they have not responded and have given no indication of interest. This automated follow-up feature will help to maintain contact with shaky leads, and perhaps bring more of them to a state of conversion. Another interesting aspect of the new lead generation tool is that Facebook’s click-to-Messenger ads, which integrate very easily with the tool, can be simply created within the messages objective inside any brand’s Facebook Ads Manager. This makes it very convenient and very easy to create the ads, and to disseminate them among individuals considered to be part of a particular target audience.

Timeliness of the tool

Interestingly, more than 61% of all individuals surveyed in Brazil, India, the UK, and the United States, all agree that messaging is by far the simplest and most convenient way to reach out to any business. This means that there has never been a better method or a better time for businesses to connect with consumers, for the purpose of finding out what consumer needs and desires are.

This new lead generation tool available in Facebook Messenger will facilitate the connection between businesses and consumers, allowing people to chat in their most favored environment, and at a time when it’s most convenient for them. Since it’s at a time of their choosing and in a format which allows them to use their own voice and perspectives, this is something that should appeal to consumers as well as businesses. For all involved, this is a win-win kind of tool, so it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that it quickly achieves significant success.