Need Amazing Business Blog Post Ideas? Here Are Top 10

For those already running business blogs or are contemplating on starting one, they know the importance of posting on a regular basis. Blogs are not only an excellent way to give your venture credibility in your niche; they are an essential part of all content marketing strategies.

By providing new, pertinent and intriguing content to your followers, they will have a reason to read your blog and increase the possibility of purchase in the future.

It’s not easy to consistently churn out fresh content, especially during times when you feel you don’t have much to write about. Our goal is to help you to tackle your writer’s block while concurrently guiding you on how to write engaging posts on your business blog.

The following are some of the fantastic business blog post ideas you could try:

1. Post Videos On Your Blog

Video marketing has rapidly become among the most efficient ways to reach an audience. Your viewership demands content that’s easily relatable and quickly digestible. This demand is even more apparent as companies have notably intensified their utilization of video marketing.

Consumers always seek out for videos as a means of obtaining information fast. How fast ask?

Hubspot reported that 5 percent of viewers stop watching a video after the first sixty seconds, while 60 percent stop by the end of the second minute. To increase the impact your video has on your audience, give them small chunks of content regularly.

Also, search engines crave videos. Google’s acquisition of YouTube is good news for video marketers. Chances of appearing on Google’s first-page rise by 53 times when you have videos embedded on your blog, thereby making SEO for your videos very crucial.

2. Create a Comprehensive FAQ Section

Consumers, as well as businesses, are desperate for answers. To satisfy their them, you need to second guess their queries by addressing as many admissible Frequently Asked Questions as possible on your business blog.

One way to do this is asking your staff the common questions posed to them by clients in regards to products or services. Alternatively, you can raid your blog’s content management system for questions that crop up often.

An excellent FAQ page benefits your system by allowing additional content to be picked by search engines.

3. Make Podcasts

Among the least used business blog ideas is the strategy of making podcasts in content marketing strategies. If you aren’t engaging your audience with podcasts, you need to start preparing to introduce your first ever piece of audio content.

There are several benefits of compiling audio content:

  • It’s convenient for the target market to consume.
  • It extends your audience.
  • It’s economical and quick to compile.
  • It gives you an opportunity to interview pundits in your industry.
  • It helps your business stand out from the competition.
  • Bolsters trust with your audience.

4. Create Infographics

Design is increasingly playing a pivotal role in value creation. The driving factor behind this phenomenon is the natural human affinity for beauty. Design enables companies to keep off commoditization. It facilitates them to distinguish their products from rivals. Actually, with impressive designs, you can foster pleasant customer experience. We, therefore, recommend the use of infographics on your business blog.

How infographics would boost your business blog:

  • Simplify communication and allow for clarification of messages.
  • Infographics are compelling and alluring.
  • Facilitate decision making.

5. Forster And Showcase Your Charity Work

Donating $200 to your preferred charity or partaking in volunteer work to help the needy or homeless will make you feel great about yourself. However, there is a limit to which you can assist those around you. By having hundreds of people pulling in one direction via a well-executed CSR program, you can achieve more, and the effects would be apparent for months or years.

Beyond the benefit to the community charity work provides essential benefits to your business such as:

  • Public relations: Once you post your charity efforts on your blog, it wouldn’t go unnoticed.
  • Social media: A business engaged in strategic giving reaps the perks of positive mentions on social media.
  • Reputation: Consumers are known to make purchase decisions based on how they feel about an organization. Having a good reputation would in doubt have a positive impact on sales.

6. Post Behind The Scenes Content

When your brand isn’t renowned, it can be a little daunting to sell high-end products. Let’s take the example of Viberg Boot who found it difficult to convince customers to buy their high-cost shoes. The issue about Viberg Boot wasn’t about the quality of material they use to make their boots, but proving they use the material and crafting them by hand. Adding “handmade” did little to convince buyers. However, they solved this conundrum by shooting a video of what goes on in their factor. Folks got to see what goes on behind the scenes and their sales shoot upwards.

7. Create a Customer Contest

If take the time to read content on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll stumble upon a contest. Brands use this method to promote their business. The companies may pose trivia questions to

fans and at least one who answers correctly get a reward. Social media contests are useful in the sense that they create awareness for a brand and facilitate engagement with the community.

8. Create a Poll

Polling is a powerful tool in social media marketing. In recent times voting has gained popularity among businesses because they are a quick way of getting customer feedback in real time. Also, it’s the most straightforward business blog post ideas to implement. Polling plays the following roles:

  • Is a channel for free customer feedback
  • Enables you to acquire a thorough understanding of your customers and community
  • Polling creates engagement and hence enhances community building
  • Increases traffic to your business blog

9. Pose Questions For Customers

At times we recommended you get to know more about your clientele. Pose questions to them and wait for their feedback. Customer feedback is content in itself.

10. Discuss Trends

You display authority when you tell your audience how things are changing in your industry. People tend to trust people who seem to be always a step ahead of the pack. Such a reputation would boost traffic to your business blog which will most likely translate to increased sales.

In closing, we encourage you to research more on blog post ideas and not to concentrate solely on our list. All the best.