LinkedIn Continues String of Innovations With Live-Streaming

LinkedIn Continues String of Innovations With Live-Streaming I $99 SOCIAL

LinkedIn is probably the one social media platform which is least known for its innovative features, although in recent years that tendency seems to be changing. Last March, LinkedIn launched stickers and frames for video, which proved to be at least a modest success, and followed that up by releasing its own version of Stories, which also achieved relative success. With those recent innovations in its pocket, the platform is now banking on another creative feature to cement its reputation as a forward-thinking social media enterprise.

LinkedIn Continues String of Innovations With Live-Streaming I $99 SOCIALLinkedIn has just released a new live video tool which it calls LinkedIn Live, which is expected to provide an additional option regarding video content on the LinkedIn platform. Ever since the launching of its native video tools products in August 2017, video content has quickly become the favorite kind of content available to users of the platform. The new live streaming service will allow individual members and businesses much greater capacity to share product announcements, podcasts, conference presentations, and even Q&A sessions conducted live and on location.

Increasing popularity of LinkedIn video

It’s fairly easy to understand why LinkedIn is providing this new service to its users, given the fact that internal data has shown that platform users are 20 times more likely to share video posts with others than any other kind of content posted. This was also a primary driver behind last year’s launching of video-sponsored content, as well as a video for company pages. Now that LinkedIn Live is joining these other video tools in the LinkedIn arsenal, it will allow the platform to continue to add to the record levels of engagement that it has seen on the platform over the past 2 to 3 years.

LinkedIn live availability

At first, LinkedIn Live will only be made available to account holders in the United States, and it will only be offered by invitation. Anyone who wishes to be part of the initial rollout will have to apply by using LinkedIn’s contact form, which will be made available sometime in the next several weeks. It is not known when the general rollout will make the LinkedIn Live tool available to everyone, but if it follows past policy, it is to be expected that the new service will be made available within several weeks of the initial rollout.

Possible content for LinkedIn live

LinkedIn Continues String of Innovations With Live-Streaming I $99 SOCIALLinkedIn is hoping to broadcast videos which align nicely with the kind of subject matter already being supplied to LinkedIn news feeds. There should be live streaming videos of conferences, product announcements talk by social media influencers and possibly mentors, earnings calls, awards and graduation ceremonies, Q&A sessions, and some other events which it hopes to stream as well.

LinkedIn is very serious about this new live streaming service, and it wants to quickly develop it into a polished option, rather than one which is considered rough and ready, with lots of crude user developments. That’s the reason it is working with third-party developers, who have been enlisted early on so as to round off all the rough edges on the product, and quickly bring it into line with some of the best live streaming services on the market.

Newcomer to the video scene

LinkedIn is a relative newcomer to the video market on social media platforms, with its first native video features only being released a little more than a year ago, in the summer of 2017. By contrast, Twitter and Facebook have had live streaming capabilities for quite some time now, and both have been perfecting their video tools to the delight of their platform users. However, LinkedIn is definitely making the most of its success with video and has been deeply gratified to see a tremendous boost in its platform traffic and its revenues from other forms of video in the 17 months since it made those first video tools available.

As the director of product management, Pete Davies says, “Video is the fastest-growing format on our platform right now, and the one most likely to get people talking. Live has been our most requested feature. The other social platforms are serving as a template of sorts: as with these other platforms, users can like videos as they are being broadcast, with the likes floating along the screen. Viewers can ask questions or make suggestions in the comments in real time. Hosts can moderate those comments in real-time too, to remove harassing or other messages.”

Enhanced LinkedIn live

Even though this new live streaming service has yet to be made available to platform users, there are reports that LinkedIn is already working with developers who specialize in live streaming, so that users can be assisted with the creation of highly polished live videos. A few of these developers currently reside at Wirecast, Wowza Media Systems, Brandlive, Socialive, and Switcher Studio, with a number of other highly skilled developers expected to be brought on board in the coming weeks. If all goes as expected, and the LinkedIn live tool is brought up to speed to become a well-polished, slick, live-streaming tool, there will be endless uses for professionals on LinkedIn to create high-quality video productions.

A tool that makes great sense

LinkedIn Continues String of Innovations With Live-Streaming I $99 SOCIALThis new live streaming tool being launched by LinkedIn makes a great deal of sense for the platform, especially given the fact that they were considerably behind in the live-streaming market, and this takes a giant leap toward catching them up. It will undoubtedly be used for a broad range of innovative and creative purposes, as have been prior video tools made available on the platform.

Just think of how valuable and how effective it might be to broadcast a live streaming video directly to a burgeoning professional audience which recently peaked at 610 million users. This new live streaming tool may trigger a whole new push on live B2B content, and that in turn, may create a whole new wave of momentum for LinkedIn’s live-streaming capability.