Learn About Your Audience With A Social Media Quiz

Learn About Your Audience With A Social Media Quiz

One of the best ways of learning more about your target audience and your customers is to use an online quiz, and promote that quiz through the social media. There happen to be a couple excellent tools available that can help you accomplish this, and you’ll probably end up having a lot of fun doing it. Best of all, once you’ve set up your quiz and the responses start rolling in, you’ll have a lot more information about your customers than you had before, and this will help you refine your marketing and advertising initiatives for the future.

Step 1 – Determine which user data you want to collect

Learn About Your Audience With A Social Media QuizThere are a number of different kinds of quizzes which you can create online for the purpose of gathering information and providing a fun experience for your target audience. You can set up a multiple-choice quiz, a knowledge quiz, a survey type quiz, or the ever popular personality quiz, which often provides the most fun for people. For instance, if you were to question your audience about what their favorite vacation destination was, that would tell you a lot about their personal preferences and their outlook on life.

After a given user completes your quiz, you should then display a form which requests information from them, either in the form of their email address or other personal data which you can use to your advantage. This information can then be used to send content to that particular user which is customized to their specific preferences. This approach stands a much better chance of creating new business leads than sending generic information to all users.

Step 2 – Create your online quiz with ‘Anyplace’

Anyplace is one of the tools referenced above which can help you generate your online quiz, and you can start things off by signing up for an account. Anyplace offers a free plan, but in order to make use of the Outcomes feature, you’ll have to pay for either the Professional or the Enterprise plan. They do offer a seven-day free trial, and after that expires, the minimum plan payment would be $49 per month. Once you take care of setting up an account and logging in for the first time, you’re ready to create a quiz. You will have the opportunity to create a branded quiz by uploading your logo and clicking on the selection for Create My Branded Questionnaire.

On the Questions tab, you can provide a name for your quiz in the field labeled Questionnaire Title, and this is what will be displayed in the browser tab. Next, you should write a brief introduction for your quiz, and this will also appear on the Welcome screen. Then you should click on Add Question which appears at the top of the page, so you can start creating your quiz questions. There are several different question types you can choose from, and for the purposes of this example, we’ll choose Image Choice. After doing this, enter your first quiz question in the Question box, and then provide possible answers on the right. For each of your potential answers, click Add Image so that you will be able to upload an appropriate image for each possible response. Repeat this process for each of the questions in your online quiz.

Learn About Your Audience With A Social Media QuizNow you’re at the point where you’re ready to provide outcomes for the quiz. In this part of the quiz, you will display a final screen to the participant, which is based on the responses they’ve given to the quiz questions. In order to use the Outcomes feature, you’ll have to navigate to the Extra Options tab, and click on the selection for Outcomes. You’ll then be shown a pop-up window where you can click on Create Outcome, and type in the title and description for your outcome. When you have completed this data entry, click on Apply. Repeat this process for all of your outcomes.

Once you’re done supplying all of the possible outcomes, you can return to the Questions tab, and you will then see an Outcomes option under each of your questions. This is where you match up the outcomes with the user’s answers for each of the questions you’ve entered. At this point, you’re ready to create the lead generation form which will be displayed at the conclusion of the quiz. Click on Add Question, then select Form, and click on Add Question.

On the next screen which is displayed, Survey Anyplace will show five fields on the form as a starting point: name, company, email, telephone, and address. By clicking on the little red X adjacent to each of these fields, you can remove any one of them which you don’t want to include on your quiz form. After you finished with this, you need to go to the Design tab, so that you can tailor the look of your quiz to your own personal preference. Here you can select a design template and a layout which appeals to you.

The customizing process will include selecting colors of your choice, the font size, a background image which you’d like to display, and a number of other preference options. Once you’ve made all these selections, click on Save Changes, and then you can get an idea of how the form will look by clicking on the Preview button. If you’re satisfied with the way it looks, you should go to the Share tab, where you’ll find all the links you need to share the quiz you’ve created with your target audience.

Step 3 – Promote your quiz on the social media

Learn About Your Audience With A Social Media QuizOnce you’ve created your online quiz and you’re ready to share it with all your customers and other target audience, you need to promote it on the social media channels to get some visibility for it. Ideally, a social media ad campaign will provide the full-blown kind of exposure you should have for your online quiz.

Step 4 – Follow up with your leads

After you’ve generated a good amount of leads, it’s obviously very important to follow up with them, so you get some value from the exercise. If you used Survey Anyplace to create your quiz, you can also use that tool for following up with users, and to provide valuable content to them. An automatic PDF generator will send a customized report to each user based on their answers, and most of them will be very pleased to be given these personalized results. By taking your online quiz and receiving their customized results, users can find out interesting things about themselves which they can use to their advantage. And you can find out valuable information about your customers, to help your marketing and advertising initiatives be more targeted in the future.