How Traveling Can Improve Your Company’s Social Media Presence

How Traveling Can Improve Your Company’s Social Media Presence

Trying to establish a solid presence on social media can sometimes be a pretty difficult task. Competition for getting established can be pretty fierce at times, and that requires that you do something unique which differentiates you from all the other online accounts. Everyone who fails to stand out in some way, will probably lose out on being able to increase the number of followers they have.

If you are a business trying to get established on social media, this means that you will be severely limiting your audience, and your message won’t get through to a significant number of potential customers. In order to really establish yourself, you have to provide readers with a reason to like your posts and share the content which you upload on social media. Any content which you provide needs to be meaningful, and it must have value to your readers, otherwise they’ll simply ignore it.

Most businessmen understand that content provided on social media has to fulfill a need that prospective customers have, or it has to address a pain point which they have. Keeping this in mind, there are some ways that you can offer content of value to potential followers on social media, by traveling and making yourself more visible to online readers. Here’s how that can happen.

Door to a new world

How Traveling Can Improve Your Company’s Social Media PresenceMost people are unable to travel as much as they would like to, and the vast majority of social media readers have never experienced many of the things they would like to, by traveling to exotic places outside their own experience. This is a simple matter of affordability, with most people lacking the funds to travel the world and see all the sites of interest. A social media post which is focused on traveling is much different than a travel website would be.

Since social media are so personal, it’s much easier for readers to relate to the experiences undergone by someone who posts content about places they’ve visited. Photographs often accompany the text, to describe all those wonderful experiences in faraway places, and readers get to see things they’ve never seen before. By traveling to places most people have never been to, and relating those experiences on social media, you can definitely increase your visibility and the number of followers you have.

Networking opportunities

Anytime you travel to a new country, your networking opportunities can begin immediately. For instance, you can engage with natives and locals, as well as other travelers going to the same destination. This kind of engagement frequently leads to personal relationships, and future exchanges of information. When readers like or share your online posts, you are given access to all of their followers as well as your own.

That’s why whenever you have an opportunity to travel somewhere, you should take advantage of the opportunity by engaging with as many potential followers as possible. If you’re a sociable kind of person, you’ll probably see that your list of followers online begins to swell appreciably.

Make use of links

How Traveling Can Improve Your Company’s Social Media PresenceWhenever you write content about your travel experiences and post them on social media, you can at the same time provide readers with an opportunity to go to your blog. It’s a good idea to include a link to your travel blog as well as to other platforms you have in all of your online posts, because it will undoubtedly earn you a whole lot more followers.

Another good idea is to provide links to travel websites and tourism information sites which provide great information that might be useful to your followers. You could even be approached by companies which get links to their websites from your posts, and that could provide you with additional opportunities. You may have the chance to write as a guest blogger for companies like this, and that’s another way that your social media exposure will increase.

Enhanced credibility

If you can write truly engaging posts about your travels, and get your audience thinking about how that might relate to their own experience, your credibility will undergo a big upswing. Readers will take you much more seriously when they realize that you are genuinely sharing your experiences with them, as well as any knowledge which you may have gained during your travels.

How Traveling Can Improve Your Company’s Social Media PresenceIt’s very important to be sincere when writing any posts about your travels, because this is what stands out to readers, and it’s what they want to hear from you. Make sure you go well beyond a simple posting of pictures about what you had for dinner at some restaurant, because that in itself will probably not be very interesting to the average reader. Instead, go into some depth about the things you’ve learned and experiences you’ve had, because that’s what will resonate with your readers.

Travel services and companies

It’s entirely possible that your increased social media presence could have a significant impact on the sales of travel services and various travel packages. If you can find one or more partners in the travel industry whom you can partner with, you’ll be able to promote those businesses on the fly, by making use of any services or products they offer.

Such arrangements can be beneficial for both sides, with the travel company receiving increased patronage from customers, and with you receiving perks and/or benefits from the travel companies. You’ll also receive increased exposure on social media, because you will have legitimized yourself as a world traveler with business connections.

Some travelers have already enjoyed arrangements like this, by signing contracts which earn a percentage of sales that are directly attributable to your social media posts. This is probably one of the best ways of establishing a long-term relationship which can provide financial benefits for both you and any travel companies you associate yourself with. Better still, if you can find two or three companies like this, with whom you can work out business arrangements, it could be a very lucrative opportunity for you, in addition to enhancing your social media presence in a major way.