Getting started with Instagram Posts for your new Business Startup – 10 Simple Steps

At the launch of Instagram in 2010, nobody could have foreseen its rapid growth. On 12th April 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for a meager $1 billion. That’s a cool nine zeros.

For a two-year-old app, it’s normal that many people thought Zuckerberg had gone bonkers. Wrong!

Humans are social creatures, and usually, social technology alters our healthy fascination in the lives of others into a hyper-activated preoccupation. With the most trivial and banal occurrences across our network ready for consumption and scrutiny, the things that interest us on social media range from exclusive tissue brands of personalities to the art of former lovers. Some of the stuff we snoop and share range from the amazing to the very, very bizarre.

Digital connections are powerful when it comes down to celebrity spotting. Knowing that Nicki Minaj wears the same shoes as yourself, or that Justin Beiber eats at your favorite joint, makes you feel connected albeit for a moment. Curiously, these forthright, Instagram-forged connections humanize the celeb world.

Instagram has taken the once unreachable A-list group of society and humanized them.

It’s no question that the world of business has embraced the use of social media to engage with clients and for purposes of creating brand awareness. Be it that you’re starting new enterprise or side project, we all desire to become popular on Instagram.

Using Instagram for business is an excellent way for your startup to gain an online audience. Unlike celebrities and leading brands like Nordstrom, Nike, etc., who have ardent customers who want to connect, you must work harder to gain followers.

Don’t feel disheartened though, time and again, small fish have gone on and made it big on Instagram, by posting interesting Instagram posts for a sufficient period.

Similar to most things in life you need a starting point, and this article will spell out the ten simple steps in getting started with your Instagram for business page.


1. Download the Instagram app

Different from other platforms, Instagram is mainly a mobile platform. Once you set up an account, the bulk of your work will take place in the mobile app. Nonetheless, you can view your page on desktop.

2. Choose a conspicuous username

You can open an Instagram account by linking to your Facebook account or using an email address.

Upon signing up, you’ll get a prompt to input a username.

Choose a conspicuous username and ensure it’s as close to your company name as possible. Users input keywords when searching for a business or personal pages and you want your page to appear high on the search bar.

During registration, Instagram requests for your names, and we recommend that you give your business name in full to make it easier for persons to find you via Instagram’s search function.

3. Fill out your profile

Instagram allows you to fill in a 150-character bio section about your organization. Owing to text limitations, you’ll need to be concise and precise about yourself and what you do.

Take the example of Constant Contact; their bio section on their Instagram account gives a brief but clear description of their company.

You may add your company’s website URL which web users can click to access through their mobile gadgets.


Courtesy: Constant Contact

4. Add a discernible profile picture

The ideal Instagram profile image measures 400*400 pixels.

What’s of importance is your selected photo is perceptible to persons who know your company. Often, the top choice for a profile image is your business’s logo.

The profile image can only be uploaded via a mobile gadget. In case that you don’t have the logo saved on a tablet or smart-phone, Instagram can import it from your Twitter or Facebook page.

Courtesy: Android Authority

You may choose to take a new picture with Instagram.

5. Research

Research may not sound amusing, but a lack of proper grasp of the content others post, you may not know the kind of content that does well. Lucky for you, the type of research we ask you to carry out isn’t the usual stare-at-heaps of-data-donning-a-lab-coat sort of research, but more like peek-at-lovely-pictures kind of assessment.

Start by identifying a firm in your industry with a considerable Instagram following and a substantial level of engagement and analyze their Instagram posts and when they post.

Even though you wish to stand out, it’s crucial that you familiarize with what others are doing.

6. Post your first image

Now that everything is set up, it’s about time you take your first picture.

Here’s a run-through on the working of Instagram:

Start by clicking on the middle-bottom icon on the screen.

You can take a picture by clicking on the circle located mid-screen or press on the ‘library’ on the left bottom to upload an image saved to your tablet or smart-phone.

Courtesy: How-to-Geek

When uploading a photo, the app gives you the option of cropping before you post, after which you’ve numerous possibilities for varying enhancements.

7. Set up your location

When you click on Add Location, you see a list of formerly used places in your area.

Given that you’ve got a conventional brick and mortar setting, you may find someone else beat you to naming your location. However, if your office, store or restaurant hasn’t yet been named, you can go ahead and name it yourself.

Once your photo is uploaded, you’ll see the locale’s name in blue. Upon clicking on the location name, all photos tagged their will surface.

8. Notify people you’ve joined Instagram

Leverage your current channels to inform people of your new Instagram business page. In the case that you’ve got an email list, send an announcement and request readers to follow your page.

9. Follow others

The Instagram search function makes it rather straight-forward to find brands and people to follow.

You can input a username or select a hashtag relevant to your company.

Also, following businesses and influential people makes an incredible way to network.

10. Get social

So, you’ve set up an account, grasped the basics, and followed the right brands and people; now you are primed to commence on building an online presence.

An essential element of boosting your audience is engaging with your followers. Reply to comments and inquiries related to your business to keep customers and potential customers of what you’ve got on offer.

The potential in Instagram for start-ups remains highly unexploited, and we hope this article will get many proprietors to take advantage of this mobile platform.