Crucial Social Media Statistics Affecting Your Marketing Strategy

Crucial Social Media Statistics Affecting Your Marketing Strategy

There’s no question that the landscape of social media is constantly changing and evolving, sometimes so quickly that it’s difficult to keep up with all those changes. This being the case, it’s extremely important for marketers to have the most current information on trends in social media statistics at their fingertips.

Being aware of these trends and statistics might very well have a major impact on any marketing strategies or campaigns that you initiate in the coming weeks and months. Below are listed some of the most relevant statistics regarding social media that you should be aware of for 2020, so that you can react to them adequately and take them into account for your upcoming marketing campaigns.

Facebook statistics

Crucial Social Media Statistics Affecting Your Marketing StrategyFacebook continues to be the most used platform for both consumers and marketers, and its user base has outdistanced all other social media platforms. That means you should pay extra attention to any trends on Facebook, so that you can stay abreast of everything that’s happening on the platform. With that in mind, here are some of the most interesting statistics about Facebook:

  • by the third quarter in the year 2019, Facebook had garnered an astonishing 45 billion active users
  • 83% of all consumers who were polled said they use Facebook at least occasionally
  • 89% of all marketers make use of the platform in order to benefit their brand somehow
  • 66% of individuals who were surveyed declared that they either follow or like at least one brand associated with Facebook
  • live video is enjoying increasing popularity on Facebook, with 42% of marketing personnel declaring that they have in place a strategy for using Facebook Live.

Instagram statistics

Instagram has historically been the most changeable platform online, with new features emerging seemingly at a rate of at least one per month. A number of major features were developed for Instagram last year including its new IGTV display layout, the removal of likes, and a new feature called Reels which is very similar to what you might see on TikTok. Later in 2019, Instagram also announced a new feature for Instagram Stories which permitted users to include multiple pictures on just one viewing screen. Here are some of the most relevant statistics regarding Instagram:

  • the platform now has in excess of one billion active users, a figure which is up nearly 43% from 2017
  • 90% of all Instagram users follow a particular business
  • with regard to engagement, Instagram can claim a 1.6% median engagement rate among all industries on the platform
  • 89% of marketers who were surveyed consider Instagram to be the best platform for social media influencer marketing
  • 78% of surveyed individuals consider Instagram posts to be the most effective format for content generated by influencers.

Twitter statistics

Crucial Social Media Statistics Affecting Your Marketing StrategyDespite a recent drop in its user count, Twitter remains a viable and still very important social media platform. Marketers are obliged to closely observe trends and developments on Twitter, because it continues to attract strong numbers of users who could be potential customers. The really important statistics to know about Twitter are the following:

  • Twitter is likely to reach the 275 million mark in active users sometime during the year 2020
  • Twitter is considered the number one platform for new discoveries, as 79% of all platform users specifically seek out new things
  • Twitter users are 26% more likely to browse through and evaluate advertisements on the platform, than are users on any other social media platform
  • collectively, brands send out on average .86 tweets during any given day, and the median engagement rate for these tweets hovers somewhere around .048%
  • Twitter’s domestic revenue enjoyed a huge growth rate of 24% during 2019, while international income also increased by 12%.

Pinterest statistics

Most people use Pinterest to find new products and possibly new brands, with most people looking for inspiration to guide their purchases. In fact, Pinterest has become known as the platform for inspiration, whether it’s about unique recipes, gift-giving, do-it-yourself crafts, or seasonal decor. Any marketer who intends to use Pinterest as a means of increasing visibility for their brand should be aware of the following statistics:

  • Pinterest has now passed the 300 million mark for active monthly users
  • most users on the platform are extremely active and have collectively saved more than 200 billion Pins
  • around 77% of Pinners who are active weekly have discovered either new products or new brands on the platform
  • 98% of all users who were surveyed, have reported trying out new products they first discovered on Pinterest
  • 83% of active Pinners report having made a purchase based on content they discovered on Pinterest.

LinkedIn statistics

Crucial Social Media Statistics Affecting Your Marketing StrategyLinkedIn is somewhat unique because of the different audience which logs onto the platform, that being the largest group of professionals on any social media platform. That being the case, it is an ideal platform for B2B marketers, for people searching for a new job, and for employers seeking to fill positions within their company. If you plan to include LinkedIn in your social media marketing strategy, here are some statistics you should be aware of:

  • there are now 660 million registered users on LinkedIn, with at least half of these being active monthly
  • of the registered users, 90 million are considered senior-level executives, while 63 million are in a position where they would be decision-makers
  • LinkedIn has proven to be 277% more successful at generating leads than Facebook, and is considered to be the number one platform for lead generation
  • at least 45% of marketers making use of LinkedIn regularly have acquired new customers from the platform
  • 65% of all B2B companies which have paid for LinkedIn ads, have acquired a number of new customers as a result.

General advertising statistics

Changes in social media algorithms always make it challenging to achieve business growth, and companies are forced to adapt to these changing algorithms in order to achieve marketing success. Here are some of the most important general advertising statistics for 2020:

  • spending on social media advertising exceeded $89 billion in the year 2019
  • according to industry projections, there will be an additional increase of 8.7% in ad spend, which will bring the total for 2020 to $102 billion
  • 94% of Facebook’s advertising revenue in the third quarter of 2019 came from mobile devices, which shows the massive contribution of mobile users

the average ad spend on each Internet user for 2019 increased from $13.49 (2018) to $15.40 (2019), and it is expected to jump to $16.85 in the year 2020.