10 Strategies Top Network Marketing Companies Use To Attract More Clients

A lot of people shy away from network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing because they either don’t understand what it’s all about or because they don’t know how to make it work for them. However, network marketing remains a money spinner for many people.

The top network marketing companies rake in millions of dollars yearly in network marketing profits. The owners of these top network marketing companies are able to achieve this because over time, they‘ve come to master the tricks of the trade. Many of these successful network marketers are bold share their success factors on their personal blogs and websites. They go on and on about how success is replicable. You know what? It is!

No matter what business you choose to do, you’d need to master its success factors if you’re ever going to succeed at it. Network marketing can be a massive opportunity for you only if you do it the right way; that is exactly what this article is going to be teaching you! In this article, I’ll be reviewing the top 10 network marketing strategies from the top network marketing companies around the world.

These are tested and proven strategies that have been used by top network marketing companies in the world including Mary Kay Cosmetics, Avon and Tupperware. You can use these mind-blowing strategies to get more clients and take your MLM business to the next level.

Check them out!

1. The Target Strategy

If you’ve been trying to convert everyone around you into clients, you’ve got it all wrong! Network marketing isn’t about selling to everyone; it’s about sorting out the best prospects from potential prospects and focusing your attention on converting them to clients. The top network marketing companies target by focusing on the most viable prospects so you should take your time to sort from among your prospects and target only the most viable ones.

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2. The Relationship Strategy

Yes I know that you can’t make money off network marketing if you don’t sell something at the end of the day. However, network marketing isn’t just about selling to people. I sigh when I see new network marketers sweating through their shirts while trying to convince a potential client to buy a product. That is a very wrong way of going about network marketing. You must first build a relationship with your prospect, gain their trust and then sell.

3. The Motivation Strategy

Go take a look at the top 10 marketing companies in the world and you’d notice something very similar about them. They often use images of the “happy, sunny life” to motivate potential prospects to become clients. To become a successful network marketer, you must always have an answer to the question “What’s in it for me?”. If you’re talking to your prospects about making a million bucks from network marketing, you better show them a picture of your family on vacation with your Lamborghini photo bombing in the background.

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4. The Focus Strategy

One of the major reasons many new network marketing companies fail is because they try to do too many things at the same time. They try to sell so many different products to so many different people that they becomes confused and frustrated. If you want to attract more clients for your MLM, then you have to learn the art of focus. Focus on specific products and sell it to specific prospects.

5. The Online Strategy

This one is popularly known as Attraction Marketing in the network marketing niche. In fact, attraction marketing is one of the success unlocking keys of network marketing. Attraction marketing basically has to do with increasing the level of interest in a product using carefully devised strategies. A vital aspect of attraction marketing in MLM is building synchronized online platforms that offer value consistently.

6. The Social Media Strategy

Like other businesses, top network marketing companies use the social strategy as a means of getting more clients. Given the number of people on social media and the amount of time people spend on these platforms, it’s no wonder that top network marketing companies take social media marketing very serious. If you’re looking to get more clients in a very short time, you should also be looking at tapping into the power of social media. Get a social media expert if you have to but never relent on your social media activities.

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7. Consistency Strategy

This is another common problem people who don’t know network marketing well enough often fall into. They start doing something and soon they give up. Getting many clients in network marketing is all about consistency; consistency in message, consistency in strategy and consistency in value offering. Consistency doesn’t mean you should keep doing something if it isn’t working, it simply means you should identify what works and keep doing it.

8. Value Added Strategy

Top network marketers today didn’t attain success by just selling products; no! They got to the top by offering value. In fact network marketing is all about offering value. Look around you; people are only willing to become your clients if what you’re offering them brings some form of value to their lives. So if you’re wondering why you aren’t getting clients, you should ask yourself if you’re offering value and if you are, ask yourself if your prospects know it.

9. The Expert Strategy

I love this strategy. If you want people to believe what you’re saying, you have to prove to them, beyond all reasonable doubt, that you are an expert at your field. Nobody would want to become your client if you’re unable to answer the simplest questions they have. If you want to get more clients for your MLM network, you have to know your trade and be an expert at it.

10. The Broadcast Strategy

This one is pretty simple and it works all the time. The broadcast strategy is all about advertising yourself and services through both paid and unpaid means. Advertise yourself on social media, advertise yourself on Google, advertise yourself through podcasts and videos; whatever you do, make sure you spread the word about your business.

Network marketing can make you financially independent if you know the right strategies to use. The strategies in this article have been tested and proven by top network marketing companies all over the world. You can use these strategies to take your network marketing business to the next level. Don’t forget, consistency is key!

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