What You Need to Know About Partnering with Local SEO Resellers

What You Need to Know About Partnering with Local SEO Resellers

Experts agree that the most effective use of online marketing occurs after a website has been search engine optimized. Since more than 80% of business Internet users focus on organic search results rather than paid ads, it’s clear that any real success depends on whether or not a website has been optimized for search engines. The optimizing process itself consists of several tactics which take in the usage of keywords, usage of meta descriptions and meta tags, installation of backlinks, and a number of other factors which make the site a useful and credible site for visitors.

A site which hasn’t been optimized will probably lose more than 50% of its total target audience to rival sites which have higher rankings. More and more companies are outsourcing for SEO services, and allowing experts to manage their online presence, so that they can focus their attention on important issues within the business. Here are some things you need to know when dealing with SEO reseller companies.

Types of SEO resellers

What You Need to Know About Partnering with Local SEO ResellersBefore you hire any SEO reseller, you should have a good understanding of all their areas of specialization. Most resellers focus on one of two main strategies, those being on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO is a strategy which centers around optimizing the content on a page. It helps to ensure that web pages will draw in the attention of search engines and Internet users. The strategy is characterized by the use of meta descriptions and meta-tags, internal linking, the usage of keywords, and visual SEO.

Off-page SEO is somewhat different in that it promotes online content which already exists. The SEO metrics which it uses generally include comments, content sharing, and the usage of backlinks. Any given SEO reseller might provide both on-page SEO and off-page SEO, or it might specialize in either one. The type of SEO reseller which best fits your needs will be one that specializes in the type of approach you’re using to attract visitors to your site.

White label SEO companies

Companies known as white label SEO firms generally include a number of different departments, comprised of SEO experts who specialize in various areas of SEO marketing campaigns. As an example, they might have an entire department consisting of copywriters whose chief concern is the development of content for the Internet, written to client specifications.

What You Need to Know About Partnering with Local SEO ResellersThese copywriters would produce content optimized for search engines, as well as targeted web content which effectively delivers a high volume of traffic, some credible backlinks, and a high degree of search engine visibility. Other departments in a white label SEO company might include individuals who focus on the technology used in SEO campaigns. Still other departments would include individuals whose chief responsibility is staying abreast of any changes which have occurred in search engine algorithms, or in criteria used for search engine rankings.

White label companies are generally somewhat larger than a typical small business SEO company, which might have only a few employees, all of whom are somewhat knowledgeable about SEO. You’ll generally find more expertise in a white label SEO company, but that means you will also probably pay more for their services, because they can provide more advanced service and more specialized employee contributions.

Things to look for in an SEO reseller

As mentioned above, most SEO resellers will specialize in either on-page SEO or off-page SEO, but the best resellers to work with are those which are familiar with both strategies, and can provide both kinds of service for you. If you do have an in-house expert who is already very familiar with one or the other of these approaches, you may want to conduct a search for a reseller who specializes in the other type of approach. This will allow you to have both strategies covered, so that you will be able to market in a way that makes use of both possible strategies.

What You Need to Know About Partnering with Local SEO Resellers

Technical expertise is another quality you should look for in any SEO reseller that you are considering doing business with. A really skilled reseller should have the ability to overcome all types of SEO-related issues, and still make your website extremely attractive to a large number of people. Any technical issues which arise during campaign development or execution should be handled by a real SEO reseller expert. If your reseller doesn’t perform well under these conditions, that’s probably an indication that you should be looking for someone more adept in the usage of technology and sound SEO principles to bring about positive results.

Knowledge is also something you should search for in any candidate reseller you’re thinking of doing business with. That means your potential partner should have a huge store of knowledge about search engine optimization, and that they should be prepared to put these principles into action on your website. The first sign of expertise about any candidate reseller you interview should be their ability to explain to you exactly which types of strategies they use, and why they think a particular strategy is best for suited for your needs. They should also have a clear understanding of what Google considers important in search engine rankings, as well as some knowledge of the algorithms used by Google in applying those rankings.

Why working with resellers is good business

Any good businessman should be able to see that partnering with resellers is a sound and effective strategy for bringing in more business and more clients. There are a number of benefits which accrue to a company when it hires an SEO reseller to manage its search engine optimization, and these benefits can be substantial. When filtering through the information described above, you should be able to filter out all those companies which don’t really fit your business needs. That should leave you with a short list of SEO resellers who can help you achieve your objectives online, and can help you derive as many benefits as possible from search engine optimization.