Welcoming Feedback on Social Media: Small Business through the Consumer’s Eyes

For any small business, Social Media is a valuable tool. And it isn’t just for pushing products and services. It’s about two-way communication. Customer feedback on Social Media is one of the most underutilized resources any small business can use to grow and develop.

Whether the social media feedback is favorable or cringe-worthy, each can be used to the advantage of your small business, so don’t be afraid to ask for constructive criticism from customers or past clients. This information will afford you insight into the minds of your customers. Without it, you may not have otherwise been aware of their feelings – good or bad. With affordable social media marketing at your fingertips, there really is no reason not to use this valuable tool to improve your small business.

Here are the two strategic ways small businesses can gain and utilize customer perspectives through social media.

Promotion – Who doesn’t like to know when they’re doing a great job? Creating a forum for customer feedback through social media opens the door for those little pats on the back we can all use every once in awhile. Not only can these positive notes serve to share some warm-fuzzies about your hard work, they can also be put to work to build consumer confidence and brand awareness; and it’s entirely free.

When you receive any sort of positive feedback through social media, it’s important to put it to work! Be sure to ask the customer if it would be okay to utilize their encouraging thoughts on your website, as a testimonial for your product or service.

Posting a positive testimonial or two on your website or having them printed on your marketing pieces adds a touch of credibility. Prospective clients know that if your company has delivered on a promise in the past, you’re likely to do so again for them. In most industries, there are many options available for consumers to choose from, and these testimonials help set you apart as a truly trustworthy business.

Awareness – Let’s call this “room for improvement.” If you aren’t aware of where your company’s weaknesses lie, it’s difficult to develop and improve. Hiding your head in the sand will only perpetuate underlying issues and very likely lead to lost business.

This is the part of receiving feedback on social media that every business worries about. We often hear something along the lines of, “What if a customer posts something horrific about us and we lose future business?” If you have confidence in your business, you need not worry too much about this possibility. If a “negative” comment does come across your social media profile, take the opportunity to immediately remedy the complaint, or at the very least ensure that whatever the circumstances may have been, they won’t happen again.

It’s important to remember that negative feedback can actually be quite a positive thing. If a customer is willing to submit their criticism, that sometimes means they simply want to bring your attention to the matter so they can continue to use your company. No company ever has been able to please every client, but it’s best to know where the areas for improvement lie and where you are performing above your competitors.

Social Media for Small Business is great for building brand awareness, promoting products and services (sparingly), and building relationships with customers and potential customers. And now you know that even very affordable social media options can be used to improve your business in perhaps the most important area –customer service.