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Getting Started

So now that you’ve signed up to be a $99 Social Reseller and you’re ready to get going, it’s time to get your business ready to begin accepting new clients. We’ve designed this section of Reseller Central to get you off to a great start. Below you’ll find information on each step of the process, from deciding on what to offer to making sure the order process runs smoothly. Take some time to go through each section and ensure you have the best foundation for building a strong reseller business.

Decide How You Would Like to Offer Our Services

One of the first things you must decide is how you would like to offer our social media services. You have three options:

Option 1: Offer individual social media services and/or packages
With this option, you would create and offer packages that consist only of our services. This would give you the ability to simply provide great service to clients while you outsource the social media work to us.

Option 2: Bundle social media services with your existing offerings
With this option, you would build our social media services into plans you already offer. For instance, if you have an SEO firm, your SEO packages could include social media services as a feature. This would build more value for your overall plans, potentially increasing retention, solidifying client relationships, and often improving margins.

Option 3: Offer both individual social media services AND bundled packages
With this option, you would offer a wider variety of packages that consist of both options – some with social media only, some with social media plus your existing services. This could give you the ability to appeal to a broader audience as well as provide solutions for multiple problems.

Decide Which Services to Offer

As a Reseller for $99 Social, you have access to much more than just the $99 plan. If you want to keep your business model simple, feel free to offer a limited number of services. Some of our Resellers only offer the $99 plan (marked up of course), and that’s fine with us. On the other hand, if you want to offer a wider range of services to appeal to a larger potential market, we’ve made it easy for you to do just that.

For a downloadable list of the services available to you, please see the All Services Price List on our Downloadable page.

Decide on Pricing

In the All Services Price List found on our Downloadables page, you will see suggested retail prices for every service. This suggested price is based on our experience over the past four years working with social media resellers and hearing their feedback about what they’re charging. However, you are not obligated to adhere to the suggested retail prices. You can charge more or less, depending on what you think your market will bear.

Keep in mind that the price you charge will have some influence on your clients’ expectations of the service. For example, if you charge $500/month for the $99 plan, it’s likely that your client will expect more than the one post per day that we provide. We have seen Resellers successfully gain and retain clients at higher rates, but ultimately your market will dictate what makes sense for your business.

Define Your Internal Process Flow

As a Reseller for $99 Social, you might be adding our services to an existing business model, or you might be starting from scratch. So you’ll either be integrating into your current process flow, or you’ll be creating a new internal process flow. Either way, it’s important to define what happens in each stage of the sales and ordering process. The better you define this, the more confidence your clients will have in you, and fewer are the chances for errors and misunderstandings. To provide you with an example of an internal process flow, here is a high-level overview of ours:

Sales contact is made
  • Prospect comes to website
  • Prospect calls or emails with inquiry
  • Outside sales call/visit
Sales follow-up
  • Email/phone calls to answer questions and close the sale
Onboarding process
  • Client pays for service
  • Client completes profile questionnaire
  • Email sequence starts
  • Setup occurs
  • Reach out to client to welcome/answer questions/etc.

Obviously there are a lot of pieces that go into each step above, but hopefully this gives you an idea of the areas to think about when creating a sales process.

Add Your Offerings to Your Website

Now that you’ve decided how you will offer our social media services, which services to offer, and what you will charge for each, it’s time to integrate these offerings into your site. We’ve come up with a short list of pages you’ll want to change or add on your website:

  • Service & Pricing pages
  • Terms & conditions
  • Checkout page (or another way for them to submit their order and payment to you)
  • Profile Questionnaire page (more on this in the next section)
  • Landing Pages to use in your marketing
A note on using our website contents for your own site:

Our DMCA service crawls the web for copyright infringement of our website, blog, images, marketing materials, and ebooks. Please DO NOT use our content directly on your site, as your site will be flagged. Copying content word-for-word can also negatively impact your SEO score and ours. We understand that using our content makes your job easier. To avoid any issues, here are a few guidelines for using our website materials:

  1. You may use our website copy if you put it into your own words. Do not use it verbatim or our DMCA company will flag your site and pursue the takedown or a lawsuit.
  2. Choose unique stock images from a site like Pexels or Unsplash. We use images from there as well, so you may be able to find the same image with the original credits.
  3. Do not, under any circumstances, use our branded materials and remove our branding. This is a major violation of our copyright and we can sue. We provide unbranded materials in our Downloadables section that you are welcome to use and brand as your own.
Add the Profile Questionnaire to Your Website

The Client Profile Questionnaire is a crucial step in the process. It provides us with valuable information – information that we pass on to the Content Specialist who will be creating and posting all of the content for your client.

It’s a good idea to automate your processes as much as possible. This increases efficiency and makes for a better customer experience, while making your services more profitable. We recommend that you closely duplicate the fields of our Profile Questionnaire onto a page on your website. When you bring a new client on board, have them fill out the form on your website, and then use that information to fill out the Profile Questionnaire on our site.

Once we receive the Profile Questionnaire from you and verify payment has been received, setup will begin from there.

Get Set Up to Accept Online Payments

When you sign one of your clients on with $99 Social, your credit or debit card or PayPal account will be charged monthly, automatically. We encourage you to set things up the same way with your clients. Your obligation is to us, regardless of whether the client pays, so make sure you’re never stuck paying anything out of pocket.

Some great tools for accepting recurring payment orders are:

Payment Gateways:
Shopping Carts:

Note: Paying $99 Social for your client orders is as easy as completing a payment form on our site specifically for Resellers. When completing the form, it is imperative to note which client the payment is for so we can match it up with the proper incoming Profile Questionnaire.