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Bringing on a New Client

How exciting! You have a client to get started with us. This is the start of something wonderful, don’t you agree? We’re happy for you and we’re excited to get your client set up and ready to roll.

We’ve outlined the steps below to make onboarding new clients as easy as possible. Once you start going through the process, we think you’ll find that it’s pretty straightforward. As always, if you have questions along the way, your Account Manager is just an email or phone call away.

Creating a New Order

Once you’ve received payment from your client, Step 1 of the ordering process is to create a new order with $99 Social. To create a new order, please click here to log into your reseller dashboard.

Sending the Profile Questionnaire Info

Once you create a new order and submit payment, you’ll immediately be taken to Step 2 of the new order process – the Client Profile Questionnaire.

The Profile Questionnaire provides us with valuable information – information that we pass on to the Content Specialist who will be creating and posting all of the content for your client. It’s important to have as much detailed information as possible. The more details we have, the better we can serve you and your client.

Providing Access to Your Client’s Networks

Alright! We’re almost done. The last step in the new order process is Step 3: Providing Access to the Client’s Social Media Accounts.

In order for us to post on your clients’ social media accounts, we need access to those accounts. In cases where we are creating the profiles for the client, we’ll have what we need. If they have existing profiles, we will need your help to gain access.

Here is an explanation of how to give us the access we need to post for your client:

Authorization Buttons: We have created a set of white label buttons to help you easily connect your client’s social media pages with our posting platform. The benefits of using these buttons? Authorization is quick and easy, and the page can be passed along to your client without concern for our branding.

Access the Authorization Page Here

To make the connection process as speedy as possible, please notify your Account Manager, Juan Restrepo, when the authorization buttons have been used by sending him an email.

Keeping Your Client Updated on the Process

Throughout the setup process, it’s important to keep in contact with your Account Manager and your client. Set the expectation that posts will begin within 48 hours of the time we have access to all their social media profiles. Reiterate that the sooner we have full access, the sooner we can get started. Follow up with your clients to get any information you need, and pass on status updates from your Account Manager.

Managing the Feedback Phase

We encourage feedback of any kind at any time. Feedback is especially crucial during the first week of posting for your clients. Please encourage your clients to monitor their social media networks for the first week or so to make sure we are on target with our posts. We’re very good at finding relevant, interesting content for pretty much any industry, but we know we’re not perfect, and many clients have specific content in mind that might not have been communicated up front. So we are very open to making adjustments whenever a client requests it. We’ll get better and better with time, as we get to know your clients’ needs, as long as those needs are communicated to us.