Small Businesses Need Affordable Social Media

Affordable Social Media
For our first post on $99 Social, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about why we started this site for affordable social media in the first place. Are we crazy? Maybe.

Who are you people?

Actually, we’re owners of a full scale social media marketing firm, and our prices there are right in line with social media industry averages. We perform very well for our clients, so we feel good about what we charge, but we realize that most small businesses won’t be able to afford our services.

We often hear things like, “I know you guys do great work, and we’d love to use your services, but it’s just not in our budget.” In fact, we heard this so often that we really started thinking about what we could do to serve the small business owner’s social media marketing needs.

And that’s where the idea for $99 Social came from. At first, we wondered if we could possibly provide low cost social media marketing and still deliver outstanding service. But after a lot of planning and strategizing, it was clear that not only was this possible – we needed to do it.

The need for low cost social media

There’s a common dilemma in the small business world: Small business owners are hearing daily that social media marketing is important for every business. But most don’t know how to best utilize this new medium, and even those who do are struggling to find the time necessary to do it right. So outsourcing social media marketing seems logical – until you start to look at what most firms are charging for their social media services! A recent study showed that the average price businesses are paying for social media marketing is $2,500 a month.

So what is a small business owner with a limited budget to do? Well you could go with any low-cost social media provider. There are others out there. In fact we recently saw one that offered social media at $30 a month. But none of the cheap social media providers we found were ones we would trust the marketing of our business to. In fact, most were clearly not at all skilled in social media marketing.

The solution: $99 Social

We’ve found a way to provide quality, effective social media marketing that is affordable to small businesses of any size. And we’ve coupled that low price and effectiveness with outstanding customer service. It’s exactly what small businesses need, and we’re having a blast delivering it!