How to Advertise Your Company Values Through Social Media

How to Advertise Your Company Values Through Social Media

While it would be a bit of an exaggeration to say that there is universal agreement about social media having the power to reach and influence targeted customers, it can certainly be said that this is the consensus opinion. There is no doubt that active engagement in social media promotes communication and sharing of information, both inside your business and outside it.

How to Advertise Your Company Values Through Social MediaUsers of social media are able to quickly see and understand your company branding and values on any of the platforms that happen to be their favorites. If there is any downside to including a heavy dosage of social media engagement, it might be that there are inherent security risks with divulging company information, but this should not be a deterrent.

All employees of a company can be trained about the kinds of information that are fair game for discussion on social media, while keeping sensitive data off-line. The discussion below will center around how you can use social media to effectively communicate your company values and strengthen your branding image so that user communities on each platform have a good understanding of what you’re all about.

Create energy and enthusiasm

If you want to get people on social media excited about your company, you have to do your part to generate energy and enthusiasm among the user communities of those platforms. Find ways to put out the message that you are very excited to be part of a company that is doing something you consider to be very worthwhile and exciting in its own way.

While you’re crafting these kinds of messages, consider what it is about your company that gets you excited, and what it is that motivates you to come to work every day and give it your all. You can, and should, spice up these messages with photos, videos, and emojis that will bring a little more life to your text and add it’s own energy level. If you can successfully incorporate this kind of energy into your online posts, it will work very much like laughter, in that the energy you communicate will become infectious, and it will be spread around the platform by receptive users.

How to Advertise Your Company Values Through Social MediaPromote love and caring

It’s amazing how you can create such a highly positive atmosphere on social media by praising the good work and achievements of individuals within your company. These can be very simple messages consisting of perhaps a photo and a few words of praise or admiration for a particular achievement by an employee, or a reference to someone in the company who particularly exemplifies it’s mission.

The whole point is to trigger positive emotions among users by calling attention to good deeds, extraordinary performance, or just random acts of kindness by your own company employees. While the messages themselves are generating positive emotions among readers, they are also depicting the kind of values espoused by your company, and showing the world that you notice and care about extra effort.

Whatever kind of comments are generated by your posts, make sure that you respond to them in a very positive way, and don’t handle negative comments with your own negative or defensive response. That would undo any of the positive emotions cultivated by the original post, and it would quickly negate what you are trying to achieve in the first place.

There’s another benefit to this kind of employee recognition that doesn’t relate to the user community, but to your company employees. When an employee is called out and praised for exceptional achievement or dedication on social media, it has the effect of inspiring and motivating others in your company to do the same. That makes this strategy a win-win situation for you.

Sharing your company values with your audience is an easy and fun way to interact and show your positivity online. Feel free to go above what we’ve mentioned here and make it your own. Only you know the values that your company holds and how to highlight them in the best way to promote brand awareness. And most of all, have fun with it!