Everything to Know About Using the Instagram Explore Page

Everything to Know About Using the Instagram Explore Page

First of all, it can be somewhat difficult to get your content posted on the Instagram Explore Page, especially since there are no guaranteed strategies for getting there. If you can manage to get your posts on the Page however, you will instantly realize some benefits that will be highly advantageous for you. If you weren’t previously aware of the Instagram Explore Page, this article should help to increase your understanding of it, and to provide you with at least some possibilities for getting there.

What is the Instagram Explorer Page?

Essentially, it is a page consisting of photos, Stories, videos, and products, all of which are tailored for individual users using information which comes from the posts you have previously expressed interest in, or from people you currently follow. It’s basically a collection of accounts that you might be interested in following, and posts which might appeal to you, along with a whole series of products you might be interested in purchasing.

Everything to Know About Using the Instagram Explore PageApproximately half of all Instagram users browse through the Explore page each month, and since this amounts to about 500 million people, the Page does get some considerable exposure. The precise views which you are shown is determined by Instagram’s proprietary algorithm, mainly consisting of those posts which generate strong engagement, accounts that are similar to those you already follow, and other posts which have been liked by individuals whom you follow.

In early 2019, Instagram completely refurbished the Explore Page so that users would find it easier to investigate material of interest to them. The aim of the overhaul was to help users find what they were seeking much more easily. One of the most noticeable changes was the navigation bar which was placed at the top of the screen. This was intended to filter shortcuts and to display other features which Instagram is currently pushing to its users, most notably Shopping and IGTV.

IGTV and Shopping

IGTV is a customized feed which makes use of videos longer than one minute in duration, considered to be long-form videos. The algorithm for this display is closely aligned with any creators whom you already follow, but it also includes similar creators, with the expectation that you may be interested in them as well.

Everything to Know About Using the Instagram Explore Page

Instagram Shopping is another customized feed which users have access to, and which consists of posts that are shoppable and have been placed there by various business accounts using Instagram. Users are also provided with a convenient tab on the right side of the display which amounts to a wish list, so that you can keep track of potential purchases. There is also a storefront icon which includes a listing of those accounts you currently follow, along with some recommendations for following similar accounts.

Topic Channels are personalized to include feeds which are strongly orientated to specific subjects such as travel, fashion, beauty, home, food, nature, or science and technology. While these channels are generally fairly useful at providing you with information you’re interested in, the algorithm is not exactly perfect, so the feeds which get populated there may not always be of interest to you.

Instagram Stories are still in the process of being rolled out on the Explore Page, so it’s possible that you may not see them on your personal display. If you do have access to Stories, you’ll see them playing automatically in Explore. When you tap on any one of these Stories, the Instagram algorithm will provide similar Stories which include content from accounts you don’t currently follow, and might otherwise never have had access to.

Benefits provided by the Instagram Explorer Page

Everything to Know About Using the Instagram Explore Page

Of course, the biggest benefit of having one of your posts featured on the Instagram Explore Page means that it will be seen by as many as 500 million people – but that’s not the only benefit. If you have a strong call to action which appeals to all those viewers, you should be able to acquire a great many more conversions than you had in the past. You should also experience a much higher level of engagement among your new followers than you formerly had.

Those tons of new followers that you get will be some of the many readers who have been impressed enough with your posts to explore your profile. Assuming that you have compiled a strong bio and a number of highlight covers, there should be a lot there to captivate new followers and encourage them to stick with you for the foreseeable future.

Any post or Story which you choose to place on the Explorer Page should earn much greater viewership, as well as a spike in engagement. When content that you post to the Explore Page is consumed by so many people, it extends your reach on Instagram phenomenally, and provides you with endless opportunities to capitalize on that fact.

Getting your posts on the Instagram Explore Page

There are several strategies you might try for getting on the Instagram Explore Page, the first of which is to post content when you are sure you have followers online, and who are looking. One of the best ways of getting on the Explore Page is to demonstrate that you have high engagement with your own followers. There are tools such as HootSuite which you can use to determine when your followers are online, and you can use Instagram Scheduler to post when they’re online and you aren’t.

You should also take note of those posts which you see on the Explore Page that are clearly performing very well, and you should attempt to create similar posts in an effort to get your content on the Page. Making use of Analytics can be crucial in determining the type of content which is popular with your audience, so that you will be able emphasize that particular type of content. The more your followers appreciate your posts, and the more engagement they demonstrate with it, the more likely it is that your post will make it to the Explore Page.

Another tip which may help get your content on the Explore Page is to maximize your usage of Stories. Although this hasn’t been completely rolled out to all users yet, when the rollout is complete, it will very much be to your advantage to have some visually compelling Stories there which represent your brand. It is known that Stories get some kind of priority in the Instagram algorithm for bumping them onto the Explore Page, so if you can create some captivating Stories, your chances of making it onto the Page are increased tremendously.