Easily Create a Great ‘About Us’ Page for Your Website

Easily Create a Great 'About Us' Page for Your Website

Most visitors to a website will seek out the About Us page, so they can find out more about the business which they are investigating. This page is typically one where a description will be provided on how long the company has been in business, what they believe their mission to be, and how they go about satisfying the demands of their customers.

It can be one of the most important pages on your website, because it conveys to all your visitors exactly who you are and what you’re all about. It’s one of the best chances you will have for describing what’s important to your company, and why you got involved in your specific business in the first place.

This being the case, it’s definitely to your advantage to make sure that the About Us page provides exactly the content that you want it to, and that it is at least somewhat appealing to viewers. Here are some ways that you can optimize your About Us page, and improve website conversions from your visitors.

Optimize information above the fold

Easily Create a Great 'About Us' Page for Your WebsiteVisitors to your website will spend approximately 80% of their time viewing information which they see above the fold. This means that any content which is crucial should be placed in the upper half of the web page, and is easily visible without scrolling. Even though a simple scroll seems like it would take very little time or effort, the vast majority of users won’t bother to scroll down to see what’s contained on the lower half of a page.

This doesn’t mean you have to cram everything into the upper portion, but it does mean that any information which you absolutely want users to see, should be positioned at the top part of the page. Anything that you put below the fold on the screen, has only a 20% chance of being seen and considered.

Use Stories on your page

When you can create content which evokes emotions from your readers, they are between two and three times more likely to influence the reader than any other kind of content. That’s because the user becomes involved and engaged in your story, and feels like they have a vested interest in its outcome. Any dry content that you post, which is simply a description of your products and services, is probably not going to have a significant impact on the reader.

Easily Create a Great 'About Us' Page for Your WebsiteOf course, if you happen to have a visitor who was looking precisely for a product like yours, that falls into a different category, and that person might very well be influenced to make a purchase. The key factor behind the effectiveness of Stories is attributable to the fact that when customers are evaluating a brand, their emotions are more in play than cold, hard information is. Actual brain scans have borne out this fact, and made it clear that you have a much better chance of influencing a potential customer through Stories, than you would with any kind of relevant facts.

Use videos and images

It is well-known that customers spend far more time looking at images and videos than they do reading text. Your About Us page should cater to this fact, and include photos and or videos to capture the attention of visitors. Photos of your company executives for instance, have been shown to increase conversions by a full 35%, which is a significant figure, and one that is worth considering when you are setting up your About Us page.

Even among other businessmen and professionals, a survey conducted by Forbes showed that nearly 60% of senior executives had a strong preference for viewing videos, as opposed to reading any text on a page. This isn’t just a characteristic among top-level executives though. Another survey has shown that a full 70% of millennials are inclined to watch a company video when they’re involved with doing online shopping.

All this serves to point out the fact that photos and videos are extremely popular among online users, and for that reason you should include one or both on your About Us page.

Include testimonials and reviews

If at all possible, you should include testimonials and reviews on your About Us page, because both of these can be very convincing. Positive testimonials from previous customers can have a tremendous influence on potential buyers, because they’re coming from peers, people who were at the same decision-making stage at some point previously.

Easily Create a Great 'About Us' Page for Your WebsiteIt has been well documented that buyers browsing the Internet place a great deal of trust in other individuals who have already purchased a product or service from your company. Even more than any pitch made by high-level executive, people tend to trust a testimonial from a previous customer. The same can be said of positive reviews, so if you have a number of positive reviews or testimonials from previous customers, it would be a good idea to include several of these on your About Us page.

Provide a method of contact

You would be surprised at how many websites don’t provide a solid method of contact for visitors to reach them. In fact, as many as 51% of people consider that the number one most important thing missing from websites, is solid contact information. This seems like a grievous oversight, in light of the fact that most companies consider it a top priority to have potential customers contact them.

The most effective way that you can provide for visitors to get in touch with you, is by having a call-to-action on your About Us page, or possibly a completely separate Contact page. This will ask the user for their email address or possibly a phone number, so that you can get back to them quickly, and provide them with whatever information they need.

It will also provide you with an opportunity to obtain a lead, which your sales personnel can follow up on. It is known that including a call-to-action on a specific web page can increase conversions by as much as 300%, so you definitely should include a call-to-action on your About Us page. Even if you do have a separate Contact page, it’s a good idea to repeat the CTA on your About Us page, so that you catch the user while they are actually visiting a page they chose to.