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The value of social media for business promotion cannot be overlooked. In the last decade, social media has carved new ways to market your products and promote business to increase sales like never before. As such, any business small or large, local or international, can’t deny the importance of social media.

You’ve already added an affordable social media solution to your team to promote your business. Why not make your social media even more productive and get more bang for your buck? You can do just that by upgrading to our Annual Plan.

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The Annual Plan from $99 Social offers some of the lowest prices on high-quality social media service you can find! We’ve slashed our regular package prices up to 19% with the Annual Plan so that our monthly clients can get the most out of their social media service by upgrading today.

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Benefits of Choosing an Annual Package

At $99 Social, we are always willing to go to that extra yard for our clients. We believe that you deserve the best, and we like our customers to get the maximum productivity out of our services. There are several benefits of choosing our Annual Plan. For instance, we take care of the social media area of your business to save you time and sanity. Handling social media is a full-time job. A part-time service will not get your business what it deserves. Similarly, upon hiring a dedicated social media service like $99 Social, you ensure that you’re always active online to let potential customers know you’re worth doing business with.

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It is a fact that as a business person, you have many things going on simultaneously. It’s hard enough to find time to get everything else done without adding social media and marketing to the mix. Even if you somehow found time for social media, would you know where and how to start marketing and promoting your business? $99 Social can help you market your business aggressively and bring in more internet traffic, brand recognition and ultimately more sales. Our social media marketing and productivity are the best there is, and none comes close.

At $99 Social, we take social media marketing seriously. Your success is our goal, and upgrading to the Annual Plan can help you get the gold.

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