Affordable Social Media for Small Business + This Infographic = No-Brainer

When it comes to social media for small business, some small business owners are simply resistant to change. They just don’t see a benefit in small business social media marketing. Sure, the big guys benefit because everyone knows their name, and they get a huge following overnight. But for small business owners, it’s not like that. It takes time and effort to build a social media community, and some question whether it’s really worth it.

The infographic below outlines why it’s important to embrace social media for small businesses and professionals. Mostly, it has to do with the fact that your customers are most definitely there, so why wouldn’t you be there too?!

Of course many entrepreneurs realize the importance of social media for their small business but don’t have the time to devote to social media marketing. And they can’t afford to pay a fortune to have someone else take care of it. But with the effective, affordable social media marketing offered here at $99 Social, that’s no longer an issue.

So the bottom line is that there really is no good reason for small business not to fully embrace social media. You know you need it, you know it will help your business grow, and now, with the affordable social media option delivered by $99 Social, it really is a no-brainer!

Affordable Small Business Social Media

Thanks to J6 Design for creating this social media infographic and to Mediabistro for sharing it!