Advantages of Using the LinkedIn Publishing Platform

Advantages of Using the LinkedIn Publishing Platform

Most people are familiar with the advantages of using LinkedIn for the purpose of generating leads, but far fewer users of the platform are aware of one of its most useful and powerful features, which is its platform for Publishing. Originally, publishing long-form posts was a privilege reserved for only a few influencers on LinkedIn, but that has all changed now, and everyone who has a LinkedIn account has the capability of becoming an influencer in their own right, by posting on LinkedIn Publisher. There are a tremendous number of benefits which accrue to anyone who chooses to post on LinkedIn Publisher, so it’s something you should seriously consider, in order to enjoy many of those benefits.

Position yourself to be an authority in your market

While it’s certainly possible that blogging has already contributed to your status within your field, you now have the opportunity to reach an even wider audience through the distribution power of publishing. Any follower or new user researching your profile will now see your latest Publisher posting, right on your LinkedIn profile, directly beneath the top profile box. As you begin to use LinkedIn Publisher more and more, the network of followers that you have will become much more familiar with you, and the kind of content which you regularly publish. This in turn, will increase your status as a recognized authority in your field or your market, provided that you can maintain a high level of quality in all your posts.

Advantages of Using the LinkedIn Publishing PlatformPosts from LinkedIn Publisher get indexed on Google

Your Publisher posts do get indexed by Google, and that means they will show up in all organic search results, which is one of the single most advantageous features about using Publisher. Any content you post on your own website will never carry the same clout and impact that LinkedIn has, in terms of ranking highly on search results. Of all the advantages which accrue to someone who uses LinkedIn Publisher for posting content, this may be the most valuable, because it can increase the power of your reach by many factors. Carrying the added weight of LinkedIn credibility, your posts will have the opportunity to be seen by a much wider audience than any other posting strategy you might devise.

Re-purpose old content

Many LinkedIn users who have old content laying around which was extremely successful during its original posting, has been able to breathe fresh life into the posts by publishing them through LinkedIn. As long as the content is still relevant today, the extra exposure it gets from reaching a wider audience, might be just enough to rekindle a new flame among your LinkedIn followers, and generate a lot more engagement among them, with the possibility of some new leads as well. Getting extra mileage out of older posts which still have value and relevance, can be a terrific use of LinkedIn Publisher.

Reaching second and third level connections

The second and third level connections you have are the ones who see your post after it has been liked or commented on by someone who’s in your first level of connections. This is a key factor in expanding your reach beyond your network of followers, and it’s what makes using LinkedIn or any other social media platform so effective at reaching a target audience. It’s easy to tell how many second-level and third-level connections your post has been reaching, simply by examining your notifications. Anyone who has liked or commented on your post, and is not a member of your primary network, is necessarily a second-level or third-level connection. The value of this is that you already have new prospects, because these are all people who have liked or commented on your content, and who could be good people to contact as potential customers.

Learning more about your followers

Google Analytics may be fine for tracking web statistics, but it can’t really provide much information on the positions which people have, who are following your content, or the industries which they belong to. For this, you need to consult the demographic insights provided by LinkedIn Publisher itself, and you can get some really worthwhile information from even a quick analysis of this demographic data. This in turn, can help you to make better decisions about advertising and marketing strategies, because you’ll know more information about your target audience.

High level of engagement

After you’ve used LinkedIn Publisher for a while, you should notice that the high-quality content which you’ve been publishing is getting more and more engagement from followers who are reading your posts. More than any other posting vehicle, you’ll probably see that the LinkedIn Publisher posts you provide are creating a higher level of engagement among your followers, both old and new. Since engagement is the surest way to build relationships with followers and potential customers, this is one of the great benefits of using Publisher.

Advantages of Using the LinkedIn Publishing PlatformAll LinkedIn users can follow you

It’s not necessary for LinkedIn users to have a direct connection with you, in order to receive updates on your posts. By simply using the Follow button, they can stay apprised of all of your posted content, even though they have no direct link to you or your business. The total number of followers you have on LinkedIn will consist of all those who are first-level connections, as well as all those users who have clicked on the Follow button, so they can be Updated on your posts.

Even small networks can be successful

Your network of followers on LinkedIn does not have to be enormous, in order for you to be very successful with your posting. Each time you publish a post on LinkedIn, you will be prompted to add some relevant hashtags to let users know what your post is all about, and you’ll be prompted to share the content as a personal status update. This is another very useful feature for you, because people who are following specific hashtags of interest to them may be directed to your content, even though you are completely unknown to them, and have had no prior contact. This is another of the many ways that LinkedIn Publisher puts you in contact with a wider audience than you could normally expect, and can actually go beyond the boundaries of your immediate network.