8 Smart Business Plan Templates for New Start-Ups

Owning a small enterprise or working for one is potentially satisfying.

You get a front row seat view of all operations, your efforts are apparent, and you get to make a significant impact particularly in the trying growth years.

Nonetheless, there are the not-so-glam sides – from the restrictive budgets and resources to a dearth of leadership – that may a time weigh heavily on you.

We bet you’d appreciate if someone lends a hand periodically every so often. For this reason, we took the time to do a roundup of 8 astute free templates you could incorporate to save time, smoothen your workflow and accomplish more.

1. Professional Bio Templates

Writing about yourself feels somewhat uneasy. The good news, still, is that you’ve can still access a 40+ fill-the-blanks template you can utilize to come up with a superb, professional narration that you’ll be eager to dole out.

Make use of professional bio guides to revamp your team page. We propose that you join forces with a few close colleagues as you fill out the template to guarantee you don’t leave out any of your impressive skills.

2. Invoice Templates

For the more established businesses, adopting premium invoicing software makes sense as it’s an excellent way to keep payments organized; however, for start-ups and mid-sized firms taking a premium solution isn’t an alternative.

Supposing you’re in the hunt for a free way to handle your billing, look into these invoice templates tailored to Ms. Word. The invoice templates vary in design and color, single out the one you consider most suited to your company.

3. Business Newsletter Template

Do you wish to keep your clients and contacts engaged and updated on your budding enterprise? Send them monthly company newsletters.

Make your templates as concise and straightforward as possible to enable you to add things like awards, forthcoming events, accomplishments and updates to distribute to your community.

Also, you may embrace this template for internal use for staff newsletters featuring culture events, promotions, new hires and amendments to current policies.

4. Staff Timecard Template

Paying attention to personnel hours is an essential part of managing your business. Besides ensuring that your staffs receive their dues – on time – having a record of hours helps iron out disputes assess employee engagement and schedule estimates particularly in the service industries.

A timecard template helps human resource to keep a record of all staff hours organized weekly, monthly or annually. You don’t have to reach out for the calculator; the template does all the totaling work for you.

5. Dashboard Templates

Part of managing a profitable business rests on your competence to make data-driven decisions. The concern is, pulling the required data is usually a nuisance. Supposing you are a HubSpot subscriber, you may want to know more about these handy dashboard templates by Databox. The templates afford you the campaign certainty you need – regardless of whether you want to draw performance figures for your landing page or determine the source of all your top leads.

6. Business Letterhead Templates

A branded letterhead may seem like a minor detail; however, it goes a long way in establishing your standing and confidence via written dispatches.

In most cases, the letterhead serves to make the first impression especially to potential clients; thus you want it to represent your business in the best way possible.

Furthermore, your letterhead usually contains vital contact details; therefore, you’ll want to impart that information clearly and concisely.

7. Email Templates

Consider the time spent drawing up emails whenever the need arises. Perhaps an hour, two even four hours? That’s a lot of time that’s better spent doing other jobs.

We understand that emails can take a lot of your time, but with the help of email marketing templates, you can streamline your sales and marketing requirements – from customer reference emails to blogging and PR campaigns.

Templates that allow you to fill-in blanks are especially useful in matters reducing the time spent on crafting emails more so those sent on a regular basis.

8. Infographic Templates

Perhaps you’ve realized during your work at a young company that design resources are scarce. However, that isn’t to imply your content creation endeavors must take a hit. Instead, you could adopt infographic templates usable by both designers and non-designers to create awesome infographics in Illustrator or PowerPoint.

Well, hope you’ve gained a lot on how various business templates can help you save precious time. Adopt at least one of the above templates, and you’ll soon see your company hit the ground running right away.