5 Advantages To Auditing Your Instagram Business Account

5 Advantages To Auditing Your Instagram Business Account

If you’ve never audited your Instagram usage, you probably don’t have much of an idea about what’s working well and what isn’t, in terms of your marketing strategy on the platform. Like any other business practice, it’s essential that you know how well any strategy is performing, because it’s not worth investing in tactics that simply provide no return, or very little.

Whatever your Instagram strategy may be, you should be aware of whether it is helping to achieve your business goals, whether it needs to be tweaked for optimal effect, or whether it should be dropped in favor of something which has a greater chance of success. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of performing an Instagram audit, as well as how you should make best use of the information obtained from that audit.

Advantage 1 – Refinement of your goals

5 Advantages To Auditing Your Instagram Business AccountWhen you first began using Instagram, you probably started out with some clear objectives, and maybe even some key performance indicators (KPI’s) which could be used as indicators of progress toward meeting those goals. During the course of your Instagram involvement though, you may have gotten caught up in the social aspect of the platform, to the point where visibility for some of those goals and objectives were lost. By conducting an audit on your Instagram usage, you’ll be able to refine or tweak those goals as needed, so that they’re more in line with current company objectives, and are still appropriate for the platform.

Advantage 2 – Better understanding of your target audience

After you’ve conducted an Instagram audit, you will undoubtedly find that statistics have given you a better understanding of the wants, needs, and general behaviors of your target audience. This kind of information is absolutely essential to business success, and to devising marketing and advertising strategies which will cater to those specific wants and needs.

One of the most important things about understanding your target audience is that your message can be focused much more narrowly and specifically on those people and on their individual pain points and values. Knowing that kind of information can make your marketing campaigns much more effective and more streamlined, because you won’t be using tactics for a general audience, but for a very specific group with very specific needs.

Advantage 3 – Your business profile can be improved

5 Advantages To Auditing Your Instagram Business AccountAn audit of your Instagram usage should point out the fact you that you may or may not be getting optimal benefits from your instrument business profile. By having a formal business profile in Instagram, you’ll have access to a number of very useful advertising opportunities, as well as a whole suite of useful analytics. Make sure that you have a business profile instead of a personal one, and that your profile is public instead of private, so that you can reach the Instagram masses more readily.

Don’t stop there though. The biggest impression you can make on users in Instagram comes from your bio, so it’s essential that you make a good good first impression with a well-crafted bio. On that bio page, make sure to include your business name so that you are searchable by users. You can add some frills like a hashtag, an emoji, or a tagline, but be sure to include your company’s full name.

Next, make sure to include an avatar or business picture, because it will provide an image that users can associate with your company. Then list all the skills or services provided by your company, so all users can quickly see what it is that you do, or what kind of products you manufacture. If you can mention something that distinguishes you from competitors, that will be a plus. Make sure to take advantage of the opportunity offered in your Instagram bio for including a link, so that users can find your website or your blog, to learn more about you. In the area for contact information, make sure to fill that  out fully, to provide users with other ways of reaching you.

Advantage 4 – Enhancing your visual strategy

It’s a good idea to periodically review your strategy in Instagram with regard to any images or videos on your account. Everyone is aware of the fact that images and videos are the most compelling forms of content on the Internet, and are the most watched form of content. This means that you can’t afford to be missing out on aspects of your Instagram presence which might increase or enhance your relationship with users. When assessing your visual strategy, be guided by the principle that visuals should always align with company objectives and values, and should at the same time have relevance and interest for users.

Advantage 5 – Content assessment

When you’re doing an Instagram audit, that’s a great time to conduct a thorough assessment of all the content posted on your account. For one thing, you should be posting regularly, so that your users and followers have the understanding that you are an active participant, and not a company which doesn’t care, or maybe went out of business. On the other hand, don’t post so much that you overwhelm followers, such that they ignore you.

Try to use a variety of content if you can, with all of it having relevance to your followers, and sometimes promoting your business interests as well. This is also a good time to consider whether you’re adequately promoting your content by using geo-location, hashtags, and tagging of other brands, all of which can help increase your Instagram exposure.

Making best use of your Instagram Audit data

5 Advantages To Auditing Your Instagram Business AccountNow that you’ve conducted an exhaustive review of your Instagram usage, how do you put all that information to work for you, so that you can improve your presence on the platform, and derive greater business benefit from it? The information which you collected should include data on whether or not the numbers of followers you have has grown since the last audit, what your Instagram reach is, and the rate of engagement your followers have with your posted content.

From these numbers, you have to determine whether you are reaching the right audience with your message, and whether they are engaging with your content. If it becomes clear that statistics are not what you’d like them to be, it’s time to assess whether your content is relevant enough, and make improvements where necessary.

If you’re not posting frequently enough, or at the times when your followers are logged on, you need to change your posting habits. And if it becomes clear that you just haven’t been active enough on the platform, it’s time to make a greater commitment to engaging with your audience, or you will be sacrificing a terrific opportunity for achieving your business objectives.