10 Facebook Post Ideas for Businesses That Will Guarantee Engagement

Facebook post engagement is defined by a comment, a like or as a share. Your posts should focus on providing short, exciting, and relevant content that includes images or videos within the text.

Some of the most popular Facebook Pages create fun and lot of engagement with followers. To develop similar exciting pages, you need to combine several Facebook post ideas for business to attract a considerable following leading to repeat product or service sales. This article has combined tested Facebook post ideas for small business people that seek to leverage more engagement with their audience.

We have combined ten powerful Facebook post ideas for business people who value social media interactions as a way to expand their clientele and gain more sales.

 1. Ask for Advice

Posing a problem is a great way to start a conversation with your audience. You’ll find an abundance of solutions from followers experiencing the same issue offering practical solutions. It also opens up a plethora of unsolicited advice from experts in your field. People love to offer help and solve problems.

Some Facebook post ideas for questions are:

  • What can I combine with …?
  • Which is the best?
  • Can you help one of our readers with …?
  • We’re trying to decide for our new … and we’d be glad if you helped us make a choice …
  • What advice would you offer …?

2. Share Your World

A random picture of your employees working on a site or from the office shows that your company is real and that they provide. Sharing pictures of your staff at work or while attending corporate events makes your business relatable. Your audience will easily trust and try out your products with this simple gesture knowing that your brand is real.

3. Post a Contest

People like exciting contests, you can use Apps that to run Facebook contests and acquire free mailing list. Try using Heyo to run promotions and limited offers on your Facebook page. Alternatively, you can create Facebook contests on your business page and have abundant success as well. Other reliable contest apps include ShortStack and TabSite and.

4. Caption This!

Add a unique video or a hilarious picture and ask your fans to caption it! This fun post should contain more visuals and less text- which should only include the “Caption this!” bit and let your audience to generate funny and out of this world caption ideas. Such engaging posts will keep your audience coming back for more fun memes and pictures. Visuals can include funny animals or toddler images, un-cut personal moments or inspiring organic photos.

Be careful with such Facebook post ideas for business because this is a direct reflection of your brand image and you don’t want to go overboard with these clips. Also, consider the emotions you want to invoke with your audience. Do you want them to laugh; acts surprised or trigger a smile on people’s lives? Choose visuals that stir up instant engagement, and along the way, your brand gets some airtime in the comments section.

5. Like and Share our Post

The easiest way to engage people is by asking for an opinion without compelling them to type anything. Sometimes reading can become tedious, and your followers just want to pass along while scrolling on their phones. Create exciting Facebook post ideas for likes; such as a picture, is one of the best tools to use since it requires minimal effort to scrutinize, then like or share. So here, you want a simple majority opinion, you could post a pair of sexy heels and ask people to like if it fits a dinner date, or share if it’s fit for dancing. This is an easy strategy to let your audience voice their opinion with your brand.

6. Use Enticing Posts

Some days will feel long and tedious if you’re overwhelmed with work and working on a shoestring budget. Facebook is one of the best places to post anything you have in mind. Businesses also need help, and what a great way to seek free advice from your followers when you need help. Post an enticing question with the aim of engaging with your followers in a friendly way. Ask genuine, relatable questions about what they would do about a situation, especially if you’re feeling stuck. On the contrary, you don’t need to get people thinking about a fun or life-changing situation to get them talking about what they would do if something strange happened.

7. Post Selfies

Selfies are popular with any social media platform. They invoke human emotions and can boost your Facebook brand by a long shot. Shirleen, a financial consultant, posted a random selfie on her shoe brand Facebook page and attracted thousands of likes from her post. It was of the most engaging posts from on her page. Her followers just adored it.

8. Tell Stories

Stories work on any platform because it’s a personal encounter and People will always remember these stories! They stick with your fans, allowing you to enjoy a personal connection with your followers, who eventually become your clients (hopefully). Stories are personal, and your fans will probably have similar situations that they are going through. This allows you to connect with them on a individual level. Share real stories about your business, and your life on your Facebook page. You can also ask permission from your clients to share their life-changing stories too.

9. Post at Peak Hours

According to Facebook insights, the best timings to post your content on Facebook is at 12 pm,3 pm, and 7 pm. The schedules may change according to demographics, but this presents ideal timings when traffic is highest with Facebook users. You can as well experiment with different timings to maximize viewership and engagement with your posts.

10. Cross-Promote Within Your Niche

Contact business people within your niche to cross-promote each other. Develop catchy graphics with your brand logos across the page and Tag each other on your Facebook pages. You can also request your fans to like and share the content to achieve maximum reach with your combined fan base.

There is no perfection required while looking for Facebook post ideas. Share your wins, struggles, and vulnerabilities on your pages to show you are human. This is a great avenue to sell your brand and make it more relatable.