Our 10 Best Local Marketing Tips .. Ever !

Marketing is one of the key elements that boost the performance of a business in terms of sales and building a remarkable reputation. Success in marketing has a direct relationship with the success and popularity of a business. An effective marketing plan boosts your profit figures by increasing your number of sales and loyal customers.

It’s a given that every business owner wants his business to grow and succeed. But there are only few who are able to find out enough time and are willing to spend a bit of resources for doing so.

It’s every business owner’s dream to take their business to the level where they are recognized by it. If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner who seek to implement an effective local marketing plan then you need to read our 10 best local marketing tips ever!

1- Start With Google+ Local

Basic Google+ presence of all businesses that have been a year old, comes out of nowhere. What you can do as the owner of a business is to make sure that the information that is added for your business is a 100% correct and accurate.

To start off, you have to claim the business and prove that you’re the owner. It is crucial to have a great listing! And Google’s verification process is easy and hassle-free. Google will guide you through the verification process and will also provide suggestions for a great listing.

People tend to look up nearby restaurants, bars, and other services via Google+ local. Adding pictures, videos, coupons, and discount deals to your Google profile can make your local marketing plan more effective. 

2- Partnerup

You can expose your business to tons of new customers by partnering up with another business. The key is to partner up with a business that serves your targeted audience. You can offer coupons and discount vouchers through each other and this co-marketing strategy can help the two businesses spread a good word for each other.

3- Work On Your Online Presence

A lot of people turn to the internet in order to find local businesses. And that means you should keep an eye on all the websites that can or should list your business for the sake of reviewing it or to spread the word about your services. You need to ensure that the online Yellow Pages are displaying the right information about your presence and services. Work on your Yelp profile. And while Bing and Yahoo! might not be as effective as Google+ Local, having a presence on all local business profiles can give you an edge over your competitors. Local content marketing in which you pay a blogger in some form (giving away free samples or a fixed amount of money) is another way to increase your online presence.

4- Social Media Marketing

Customer feedback is crucial for any given business. This is the area where you find out what needs to be worked on and how you can improve your services. A great local marketing plan is to connect with your customers is by via social media. Your Facebook and Twitter profiles can help you interact with your beloved customers and allows you to get real-time feedback which other people can also review. You get to spread the word about your services, attract new customers and get real-time feedback by maintaining a social media presence.

5- Bring Freebies In The Scenario

Who doesn’t like to get something for free? We all do! Freebies are a great way to introduce a new product to potential customers. People tend to buy a product that they have already tried and that is what freebies do. Freebies allow people to try a sample or a full-sized product so they can turn to the same brand for their future needs. Generally speaking, every person is afraid of trying a product that they don’t know about. It can be a hair conditioner or a restaurant down the street. But when people have tried a specific product they are already accustomed to the quality it has to offer.

6- Sponsor Community Activities

This one is a great way for local business to give something back to the community. You get a chance to spread brand awareness in your local community while sponsoring a positive cause. These sponsored causes can be anything from supporting a sports event to raising funds for a school library. You can also send your employees to a local charity event to help the cause. Visiting people at hospitals with goodies is another great idea.

7- Try Flyers

One of the old school methods of advertisement is still as effective as ever. You can hand out flyers at local events or with the help of your partners. You can give away your flyers and business cards to other partner businesses who can in return expect the same favor from you.

8- Run A Contest

A lot of local content marketing services recommend and utilize this method to get the attention of their potential customers. These contests can be carried out in the local communities or on social media platforms. The manufacturers or distributors of a specific brand give away samples or full-sized products to the contest winners. The business owners get an opportunity to increase the popularity of their product and the consumers get to enjoy and keep the product. A win-win situation for both parties.

9- Try Chamber of Commerce

The local chamber of commerce offers a number of marketing opportunities to both small and large businesses. If nothing, your business can get a lot of attention for competing with other similar businesses in the union.

10-  Utilize Mass Media

When all marketing tactics fail, advertisements through newspapers and television are always a safe bet.For any local marketing plan to be effective, it is vital to understand the targeted consumers. Marketing starts with the basic understanding of when and where a potential customer will be looking for a product, be it may the digital world or the physical communities. To grab the full attention of your customers, you have to understand what your costumers actually want, their marketing needs and how you’re going to juggle between the two. At 99dollarsocial, our local marketing agency utilizes experienced professionals to take charge of all marketing needs of your business.


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